In my paintings I seek to catch a glimpse of the eternity that makes man blessed. An entrance to other dimensions or the silence that helps the individual to hear himself and thus others:

“My experience of painting is that I’m undergoing the process looking for the non-physical universe. Through my paintings I am seeking an entry to other dimensions and I always think that there should be some answers here that are not available in the instant physical reality. Answer which, in an infinite stream, can help make the world to become a better place and bring peace to man. Dostoevsky says that ‘beauty will save the world – and that being human is to thirst for beauty’. I think the search for the beauty is going on in every person and my paintings represent one search. ”

My paintings are the surface of my subconscious.

I am a full time working self taught artist.



  • Member of Gallery Art 10, Holbæk 2016
  • Member of Atelier Under, 2016
  • Artist full time 2012-
  • Artist part time 2009-2012
  • Course in drawing techniques, by chinese artist Wang Lu, 2014
  • Course in J.M.W Turners painting technics, by Danish artist Bjarne Schjølin 2012
  • Course in oil and acrylic technics, by Dutch artist Laurentiuz Van Dam 2011
  • Course in alchemy of colours, Vitsø Kunstskole 2011
  • Course in Oil and acrylic technics, by Danish artist Henrik Elnegaard 2010
  • Course in landart and abstract painting, Vitsø Kunstskole 2010
  • Course in abstract painting, by German artist Rüdiger Mövens 2010
  • Freelance journalist, lifestyle magazines and biographys 2007-2011
  • My own company with childrens wear OKA PII 2005-2007
  • Artist part time 2003-2004
  • Consultant, communication in leadership end relations 1998-2004
  • Cand.mag. in Danish Language & Communication, University of Roskilde 1992-1998
  • Freelance designer 1989-1991
  • Diploma in fashiondesign and tailoring, Margretheskolen Copenhagen 1987-1989